2019 in 2019 Challenge: Week 24

Mon Trail Bike Path

Most of week 24 in my personal walking goal of hiking 2,019 miles before July 31, 2019, was spent in West Virginia. Rocky and I went to Morgantown to visit her mother. The Mountain State is a wonderful place to visit and a beautiful place to walk. I discovered some new routes during this trip and revisited some old paths around the neighborhood. The weather went from clear skies to snow flurries to big flakes leaving a nice covering on the roads.

I had a great week accumulating 57.33 miles making my total mileage at 1091.9. (That’s 1,757.24 Kilometers – (I like to translate the distance every so often because it sounds like it is ever further than it is.) Anyway, I should break the 1100 mile barrier next week.

While in West Virginia, I started to make two smaller hikes instead of one long journey. I would take a morning hike four or five miles, then take a rest – a lunch break and a visit with the family, then I would follow another route of four or five miles in the late afternoon. I found that the rest made the second hike so much more enjoyable.

Several of my hikes this week took me to a lovely bike path along the Monongahela River. One morning I hiked with flurries in the air – the afternoon hike found the path covered in some beautiful West Virginia snow. The next day there was enough white stuff to for WVU Mountaineer fans to build a snowman, although it did not help the team as they lost to Oklahoma State at home. I took a walk downtown and walked past the old WVU campus. The walk down off the hills into the town provided a nice view of the river and one of the bridges connecting Morgantown with the suburb of Westover.

Rocky and I travel home on Monday, but my short hike after arriving home (4.21 miles) allowed me to stretch my driving legs and breath some fresh winter air. While strolling my neighborhood, I reflected on my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2014. Since I am ahead of pace for my 2019 hiking goal, I thought about reaching out for AT mileage (2,190). It certainly won’t match the incredible terrain of the thru-hike, but it could be a cool way of remembering my five-year anniversary. I think I best concentrate on the 2,019 goal first and then see how much gas there is in the tank after that.

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Hiking Challenge: 2019 in 2019: Week 23

Uprooted Tree

I am only two weeks away from the half-way-point of my personal walking challenge. My goal is to walk 2,019 miles before July 30, 2019. I started on August 1, 2018, and January 8, 2019, ended week 23 of the challenge. So far, the weather has cooperated with warm temperatures, minimal rain, and mild winds.

Week 23 (January 2-8) was another calm week. I walked in rain gear once and enjoyed singing in the rain like Gene Kelly. If you’re under 40, you may have to google that or check it out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ZYhVpdXbQ. I was able to log in 45.62 miles this week, a little over 6.5 miles more than what I need to average per week. I hit the thousand-mile marker on Wednesday of this week, as well as the halfway point (1,009.5 miles) on Thursday. My total accumulative mileage at the end of the week was 1,034.58.

My only photo for the week was a neighbor shot of a tree along the street that seems to have toppled over after a night of rain including some wind. I have seen many broken branches around the streets of Springboro, but this is one of the few trees that I have seen that has fallen over with the roots

During my walks this week I have been able to listen to four books on tape, three novels and one non-fiction memoir. Caught by Harlan Coben; If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch; Sadie by Courtney Summers; The Princess Diarist by Carry Fisher. My favorite read of the week was If You Find Me, a story of two young sisters discovered by the authorities after living in a trailer with their dysfunctional mother for ten years. The story projects a plot of redemption although deals with some dark times in the woods. I love Star Wars and the adventures portrayed on the big screen, but The Princess Diarist, which promised some behind the scenes stories of the movies, was a bitter disappointment. The book was all about Carry, her affairs with Harrison, and her disappointments with life after the incredible space movies. Although there were some funny moments, most of it did not meet my expectations.

Rocky (my wife) and I made a road trip on Tuesday to West Virginia to visit her mother and family. We had a nice 5-hour drive across I-75 to I-79 and arrived in our mountain home in time for a good visit followed by a four-mile walk to end the week.

Looking forward to some good hiking during Week 24.

Cover Photo from https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15793231-if-you-find-me
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2019 in 2019 Week 22

Germantown in December

Week 22 of my personal challenge involved Wednesday, December 26 through Tuesday, January 1. My goal is to walk 2,019 miles before the end of July 2019. After hiking for five months, I am finally in the right year. During the first five months, I am just shy of 1,000 miles (988.96 to be exact). I was secretly hoping to reach the 1K mark before the new year, but I didn’t quite make it.

Week 22 was a good week – it was not my best week, but I managed to log in 50.17 miles. Any time I surpass the minimum mileage needed each week (38.83) I feel good about the results. So this week I was able to hike the minimum plus 11.34 miles. The weather was conducive to walking with only one hike requiring rain gear. No snow yet but I know it’s coming.

My hiking buddy, Rocky

Rocky and I got one nice hike in the woods. The day after Christmas we hop in the car, traveled to the Germantown MetroPark, and enjoyed a 7.55-mile experience on the paths of one of our favorite parks in the Dayton area. It was more than a little muddy, but still, the fresh air and the marvelous woods made our time together extra special.

During the week I took the opportunity to listen to four books while hiking the pavement of the neighborhood: There, There by Tommy Orange; The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz; The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley; and Lincoln’s Last Trial by Dan Abrams. The first three are novels and the last one is a work of non-fiction. The language and some of the content of There, There eliminated it from my recommendations. Both Spellman and  Sweetness were quirky mysteries with pre-teenage girls as the protagonists. I thought Sweetness was the better of the two stories. Lincoln’s Last Trial was an interesting read of Abraham Lincoln’s experience as a trial lawyer prior to his run for the Presidency. Within the pages recording the details of this true murder trial, I learn a very interesting piece of sports trivia involving intercollegiate athletics. This sport’s first intercollegiate game was Amherst College and Williams College in 1859. Amherst won 73-32. What I found amazing – it was a baseball game. Now that’s what I call a pitcher’s duel.

Our Advent Wreath

Rocky and I  enjoyed the Christmas season, spending time with the family and relaxing together around the house.  Christmas is over and evidence of the end of the holidays appeared around the neighbor. The new year has arrived with all the possibilities of opportunities and the potentials of open doors. During my walk on New Year’s Eve, I experienced some rain. It was constant enough to cause the water to run down the sidewalks and down the streets. The rushing water cleaned the pavement, rolled down the street gutters and disappeared into the drainage system. As I walked and watched an end of the year analogy came to mind. Just as the water was cleaning the streets and carrying away the dirt down the drains, so the day was wrapping up the year – all the good and bad of the year was ending. We cannot go back and relive, change, or alter the events of 2018. We can remember and rejoice; or we can remember and make changes; or we can remember and strive to make restitution; or we can remember and celebrate.

A new year has arrived, and the street is clean. The calendar is new. The journal is empty. My hikes this week provided me with a reminder that I can begin to write anew, to record changes in my behavior, to love like never before, to reach out to those who need me, to embrace those I value, to paint a new portrait on a 2019 canvas.

Happy New Year – May 2019 bring countless opportunities to write your story in the lives of those around you. As one of my mentors says, “See a need, meet a need!”

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2019 in 2019 – Week 21

Merry Christmas! Week 21 of my walking challenge ended on Christmas Day. The last week of Advent was a peaceful one and one filled with reflections on the miracle of Christmas – the Incarnation – God becoming man and living among us – God with us – Emmanuel.

The walking this week was enjoyable as well. Since August 1, I have adopted a goal of hiking 2,019 miles before the end of July 2019. December 25th ended week 21 of the challenge. I need to average 38.83 miles each week and I was able to accumulate 47.31 miles this week, almost 8.5 miles more than what I needed. So far I have hiked 938.79 miles.

I like to listen to Audiobooks while I walk. During Week 21, I listened to True Blue by David Baldacci and Force of Nature by Jane Harper. Both novels were well written but neither book would make my top ten list of 2018.

I enjoyed some good walks around the neighborhood this week. The temperatures were above freezing for the most part and the sun brightened a blue sky on three of the hikes. Thursday and Friday were rainy days, but I managed to fit in long walks in between times of showers.  I’ve got an excellent rain jacket and waterproof pants, but they hardly got wet this week.

One day this past week I was taking my walk when I looked up and the song came bursting into my head. “Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the clouds away, On my way to where the air is sweet, Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street?”* Finally, after all these years, I can say, yes! Yes, I know how to get there! I found my way. I looked for my favorites, but no one could be found – they all must be making a movie or on vacation. Not to worry, I will be back

Many of the homes in the Springboro area were decorated with holiday bling. However, all those giant blow-up decorations look blah and sad during the day when the air is let out, leaving the lifeless snowmen, Santas, and polar bears flat on their faces. It reminded me, as I walked my streets, that the commercial façade of Christmas is so empty and superficial. I really resonate with two common expressions I hear in Christian circles: “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and “Wise Men Still Seek Him.” I like Frosty and Rudolf. Elf, Miracle of 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol are part of my traditional viewings during the holidays, but I try my best to fill my house with the sights and sounds of Emmanuel and the realities of the birth of Jesus – the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Forgiver, The King of Kings.


* Sesame Street Theme Song: Written by: BRUCE HART, JON STONE, JOSEPH G. RAPOSO Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group



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2019 in 2019 Week 20

Week 20 in my personal challenge of walking 2, 019 miles by July 31, 2019, ran from December 12 to December 18. It was a beautiful weather week with only one rainy day and I was able to accumulate 56.48 miles. I must walk 38.83 miles each week to reach my goal, so I was able to surpass the minimum by 17.65 miles. It was a good week, indeed.

I took Sunday as my rest day this week but managed to break the ten-mile barrier on three different outings. I try to vary my neighborhood routes each day although there are only some many ways to go around in circles. One of my favorite variations is to cut up through a lovely wooded area to nearby park. The park has a mile-long paved walking trail, but I enjoy the dirt path leading to the park more than the walking the track around the park.

Another familiar walk takes me beside a four-lane road connecting a shopping area with the small downtown of Springboro proper. There is a wide sidewalk beside the road making this pedestrian feel safe on my journey. While walking along this highway this week I came upon a recently mowed cornfield populated by a couple dozen vultures. Did you know that vultures are called different things depending on what they are doing? When seen roosting in the trees, a group of vultures is called a committee, a venue or a volt (I’ve been on a committee or two that would fit this picture). However, when those same birds are in flight, a flock of vultures is a referred to as a kettle. As the flock catches the thermal updrafts and soar in circles, they take on the appearance of water boiling in a pot – hence the name kettle.  And when the birds are feeding together at a carcass, the group is called a wake. What I saw, as I approached the cornfield, was a wake of vultures have a committee meeting over a venison brunch.

I listened to a few good books this week as I walked my miles. I completed a murder mystery called Unleashed. It is one of a long series of books by David Rosenfelt about his protagonist, Andy Carpenter, a defense lawyer extraordinaire. I also completed a book by a Cincinnati author, Sharon Draper, called Double Dutch, a young-adult novel, about a jump-rope team of junior highers competing for a national title. A third book this week was a non-fiction volume on natural disasters called The Big Ones: How Natural Disaster Have Shaped Us. Part scientific and part socio/political, it was an interesting audiobook to consider as I walked. Fortunately, I did not encounter any tsunamis or volcanic eruptions during my hike. However, the best book of the week ranked among my top five books of the year. The Sun Does Shine, is the true story of Anthony Ray Hinton, a man from Alabama, who spent 30 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. I was dumbfounded by the judicial injustices against this man, but I was overwhelmed by the response of forgiveness, joy, and hope that permeated his life. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a good read. It has a little adult language, but the story is simply amazing.

At the end of week 20, I am 114.9 miles ahead of pace to complete my challenge, but the cold days of January and February await. My plan is pretty simple – bundle up, take it slow and Hike It Forward.


Book cover from https://www.goodreads.com/book/photo/34964905-the-sun-does-shine

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2019 in 2019: Week 19

Week 19 was a great week for dancing and driving but a lousy week for logging walking miles Rocky and I drove to Atlanta, Georgia this past week and spent some time with our eldest son, his beautiful wife and marvelous trio of children (two daughters and one son). Our early December trip was fueled by the girl’s ballet performance of the Nutcracker. The ballet was filled with colorful costumes and graceful choreography, and of course, the girls were utterly fantastic. We so enjoyed our time with the family and it is always encouraging to talk to my son. He is such a godly young man and an outstanding leader with Compassion International.

Ducks in December

Springboro was dusted with snow on Wednesday (December 5) and Thursday (the 6th), but I was able to take two average hikes before we left for Georgia on Friday morning. So, my total this week was 12.41 miles a full 26.4 miles shy of the minimum 38.83 miles needed each week to complete my challenge of hiking 2,019 miles before July 31, 2019. I anticipated that I would have weeks of vacation and times when walking would be minimalized so I had planned for such low mileage. Fortunately, I have been walking more than average for the past several weeks and have been able to bank 123 extra miles over the minimum. This lean week of only 12.41 miles cut my excess down to 97.25 miles, but the dozen miles of Week 19 brought my total miles to 835. I hope to replace some of my lost miles this week – the weather looks fairly mild and my schedule might permit several hours each day to exercise.

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2019 in 2019: Week 18

Fall in Springboro

The last three days of November and the first four of December comprised the eighteenth week of my personal challenge to hike (walk), 2,019 miles in one calendar year ending on July 31, 2019. I will be traveling during week nineteen, as Rocky (my beautiful wife) and I make our way to Georgia to see two of our granddaughters dance in the Nutcracker. Because of the adventure to the Peach State, I know my mileage next week will be below my weekly pace. With that in the back of my mind, I was hoping to log in significant miles this week.

The weather cooperated nicely this week and I was able to exercise my legs all seven days. Despite a little rain, I was able to walk just over 60 miles. By the end of the week, the total mileage walked since August 1 was 822.6. I am excited to be 123 miles ahead of the needed pace to accomplish my goal.

I was able to end the week (Tuesday, December 4) with my biggest day so far – 14.28 miles. One of my best friends and spiritual mentors teaches English at Dayton Christian School. He agreed to meet with me during one of his free periods and suggested that we walk around the campus while we caught up on life. The school is about 4.5 miles from my home, so I decided to walk to the school, walk with my friend during his planning period, and then trek back home. The walk to the school involves a section of berm walking along a four-lane road. I didn’t enjoy that section very much, but the traffic was not very heavy.

Some of my miles this week cut through a wooded area headed toward a lovely park. Crossing over a wooden bridge I noticed that the rains had caused the stream to swell a little, creating that wonderful sound of running water. A babbling brook is calming to my heart. I don’t really like the word babbling – it sounds like the water is gossiping or speaking nonsense. I have not found the best word to describe the joyful sound, but I prefer to think of it as the clapping applause of the stream. If I close my eyes and imagine that the water is greeting me with a sweet welcome of friendship, I can hear it offering me an applause of recognition.

On another day, I was circling a pond that lies on one of my common walking routes around the neighborhood, when I surprised some sort of water bird (maybe a heron) on the water. She saw me walking toward the water and made a graceful and magnificent exit from the surface of the pond. Her long wings made me reach quickly from my camera/cell phone.


Needless to say, I was way too slow to capture the flight, but the bird landed in a marshy area not too far from the pond. I was determined not to ruin its day with another intrusion into it privacy, so I got as close as the little lady would allow, took a long-distance shot, and continued my adventure.

O -H… I – O

The seasons are changing, and the houses are beginning to display decorations that reflect the excitement of December. I snapped two photos this week that caught my eye. The first reflects the close of the regular season of college football. One of my favorite teams is Ohio State. In honor of their Big 10 Championship season, many flew banners around the Springboro area. Although they missed the BCS final four, they will be playing in this year’s Rose Bowl – Go Buckeyes.

The other accent I noticed this week was a mailbox. I actually noticed it in October when it housed a panel of stained-glass pumpkins and fall leaves. I thought it was very attractive but did not realize that it was only temporary. This week, I noticed the pumpkins were replaced with a winter panel and how appropriate it looked for the Christmas season. I am excited to see how many different panels this family has for it mailbox.

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2019 in 2019 Challenge: Week 17

Snow in Springboro

Week 17 in my challenge of walking 2,019 miles by July 31, 2019, started Wednesday, November 21, and ended yesterday, Tuesday, November 27. It was a chilly weather week for walking but, I was able to accumulate a little over eight miles each day except Sunday, which I took as a zero-day and a Sabbath rest. I managed to walk just over 50 miles (50.27 to be exact).

I need to average 38.83 miles each week, so this week I put 11.44 miles into the bank. This brings my cushion to 102.39 miles over the pace needed to accomplish my goal. I am thrilled with the progress so far, but I have a long way to go. I have walked 762 miles so far, but keeping up this pace for 35 more weeks will not be easy, but it could be a ton of fun.

The Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron

I also enjoyed listening to four books this week as I walked. The Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron was an excellent read, a memoir of a young girl raised in an extremist cult, one of 49 children by the same man, and the daughter of a serial killer, Ervil LeBaron. I also listened to Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. His collection of stories about Odin, Thor, and Loki was a mixture of humor, violence, fantasy, and morals. My first taste of Stephen King was a book called The Langoliers. It was a little creepy, as I knew Steven King would be, but it was not gruesome nor filled with evil. And most recently I finished, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, by Michelle McNamara, a true crime story about the search for the Golden State Killer, also known as the Original Night Stocker and the East Area Rapist. I did not know until after I finished listening to the book, that authorities have arrested a 73-year-old man accused of 13 murders, more than 50 rapes, and over 100 burglaries in California from 1974 to 1986.

There are several dangers ahead that could blow up my target. The weather has turned cold in Ohio this week – we’ve even had a little accumulation of snow. I hope that winter stays away for a few more months. I am good with bundling up and enjoying the winter air, but I am not looking forward to wind chills into single digits or below zero that makes my nostrils stick together when I breathe in and cause my lungs to cough with a freeze-warning with each attempt to inhale. I guess I will see how determined I am.


Another danger is injury or sickness. A fall can happen so fast that balance does not become a factor – I am on the ground without warning. I don’t like the feeling of falling – it seems to go in slow motion without any opportunity to change the outcome or the trajectory of the crash. We are also entering flu-season. I have been very fortunate over the last several years to stay away from any knock-down, bed-ridden, chick-noodle-soup-only, day-time-night-time-medication type of sickness, but a bad bug could slow me down.

Toothpick: A Christmas Story

I wouldn’t call it a danger, but a change of priorities might impact my desire to accomplish my goal. It takes two to three hours a day to entertain my walking schedule. I enjoy writing and right now I have a major writing project bouncing around in my brain involving the thoughts of Paul in the New Testament book of Ephesians. I have just completed a young adult novel called Prion-4. After the fall of modern civilization a doctor who is called upon to hike seven hundred and twenty-five miles through dangerous wilderness to deliver a life-saving vaccine to the Blue Springs Mountain Outpost before Prion-4 unleashes its wrath taking thousands of lives. Prion-4 is available on Amazon (click on the cover below). A Christmas book for children called Toothpick: A Christmas Story, can also be found at Amazon. It is my newest children’s book, illustrated by Diane R. Berg, an amazing artist. Diane and I are working together on another children’s book about an incredible little dog called Remarkable Rex. It is not available yet, but the editing and the illustrating processes are well on the way. I hope to be able to continue to balance my walking priority with my zeal for writing.


Polygamist Daughter – Book Cover found at https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30956087-the-polygamist-s-daughter?ac=1&from_search=true
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2019 in 2019 Challenge: Week 16

Week 16 of my personal challenge of walking 2,019 miles (in 12 months ending July 31, 2019) was a very productive seven days. I was able to walk every day this week including my longest hike of 12.37 miles. I totaled 64.78 miles this week – my best week since beginning the challenge on August 1, 2018.

So far, I have been able to walk just over 712 miles. On the Appalachian Trail that is the distance from Springe mountain Georgia to McAfee Knob, Virginia or the mileage from New York City to Indianapolis, IN. To reach my goal I need to average 38.83 miles per week and to be on target, I needed 621.26 miles at the end of week 16. I am thrilled to be over 90 miles ahead of pace.

Week 16 in Ohio was a little cold. We had some ice and a little snow but very little accumulation. I have a nice light-weight winter coat, a warm hat that covers my ears, and a pair of toasty gloves, so I was able to enjoy a walk each day. The geese/ducks don’t seem to be bothered by the cold water. The ice storm did impact the trees – lots of limbs down around the neighborhood – even a small tree collapsed around the path at one of the parks.

I have developed several routes around the neighborhood allowing me to enjoy a couple of peaceful parks.  I typically pass two ponds complete with geese and ducks. Because of the cooler temperatures, I have experienced a great deal of solitude. I usually say “hi” to a handful of joggers and dog-walkers, but most of my walk involves only the company of a good book. I have been listening to audiobooks as I walk, and it makes the miles more enjoyable.

This week I listened to six books – Two short books by Richard Paul Evans (Timepiece and The Letter); Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” by Zora Neale Hurston (an interview with eighty-six-year-old Cudjo Lewis, the last living individual able to tell the story of being transported from Africa to America as a slave); Rescued by David Rosenfelt (the most recent in a series of trial lawyer, Andy Carpenter); The Rooster Bar by John Grisham (law students gone rogue); and Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper (one of her early novels – 1994 – dealing with teenage grief and guilt).

This coming week looks promising for walking weather. There’s a pretty good chance of rain on both Saturday and Monday in Springboro, but the other days should provide some dry weather and comfortable hikes. Thursday is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays so mileage might be slim to none, but I might be able to snag a few miles during the day.

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Week 15 of the 2019 Challenge

Week 15 of my personal challenge – 2019 miles in 2019 – was an average week in miles. I need to walk 38.83 miles each week to obtain my goal in one calendar year. I started my challenge on August 1, 2018, and have a deadline of July 31, 2019. This week I managed to walk 39.74 miles.

I started the week in West Virginia, then spent a day on the road traveling to see my sister in North Carolina and another day driving back home to Ohio. But I managed to have several nice walks while visiting family and two long hikes when I returned to Springboro.

The stay in West Virginia was very relaxing as Rocky and I went to visit her 92-year-old mother, Dee. She was not up to much hiking, but I was able to get away for several hours one day and logged in 9.6 miles through an arboretum and along a bike path. I saw an amazing tree on the campus of West Virginia University as I made my way to the arboretum. It looked like it had been painted, but when I got closer I discovered that it was croqueted or macraméd with some sort of stiff jute. The walk through the arboretum itself was filled with fallen leaves and wooded paths. The path leads directly over the hill and connects with the bike path. I turned toward town and walked along the river. I saw a picturesque riverboat making its way down the Monongahela River and several interesting shops as the path leads to the Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park. I was attracted to an interesting class tree that celebrates the diversity of humanity.

















Rocky and I drove to Winston-Salem, NC to see my favorite sister (I only have one, but she is amazing!), Diane. She and I have been collaborating on a series of children’s books during the last two years. Click below to check them out, including the most recent Christmas book, Toothpick. We had a great visit talking about books and family trees over several cups of tea and some tasty nut bread. We got in a lovely walk around the neighborhood as we enjoyed some sunny but cool North Carolina autumn.











The drive back to Ohio was interrupted by a spontaneous hike. Rocky and I were driving up the highway out of NC when we saw the fantastic rock outcroppings of Pilot Mountain. It was still early in the day, so we decided to see the summit. And I am so glad that we did. We only hiked about two miles, but the views were spectacular. The day was clear and the panoramic optics were amazing with the horizons stretching for miles.











Arriving back in Ohio, I knew I was rather short of my needed miles for the week. Doing a little math and some projecting of the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday, I was encouraged that I might be able to make my quota. It would take two 12-mile days, but the weather looked clear of rain. The temperature was rather chilly, but the rain held off and my legs did not let me down. Monday yielded 12.5 miles and Tuesday’s sore legs pulled off 12.16 miles ending my week with a total of 39.74 miles. I have logged in a total of 647 miles since August 1, and I am 65 miles ahead of the minimal pace.

Wednesday looks like no rain and temperatures in the high 30’s, so I hope to get another good walk in to start week 16.

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