Hike 2021 Forward: Week 29

The goal: 2,021 miles during the year 2021. The weekly pace needed: 39 miles.

Week 29 of my personal walking challenge (July 16 – July 22) began with a zero-day due to professional responsibilities from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, followed by a rainstorm that washed out the rest of the day. I was a little nervous for the week (zero is not a good way to start the week), but I was able to put a few strong days together and ended up with 56.7 miles for the week.  I had a 14.8-mile Monday and a 10.5-mile Tuesday (the other four days hovered between 7 and 8.4 miles). Overall, it was a good week.

My number of accumulated miles is up to 1,385.9 as I continue to chip away at the journey. At the end of week 29, I have 635.1 miles left to complete the challenge.  I hope to break through the 1,400 mile marker next week and maybe be under 600 miles from the finish line.

This week, I had a few miles in the woods and along the river, a few miles visiting a new hiking buddy (he carries a snack with him wherever he walks), and a few miles catching the signs of summer around my neighborhood.

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